2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing


Our experience with mood related medications is limited. My thoughts are that, if no-one can really nail down what the problem might be, I am loath to medicate him. No judgment on anyone who chooses medication or doesn’t. In some instances, like ours, you may have tried everything else you can think of and still have some behaviors that are not controllable by natural sources. We did eventually give him a medication for his depression.

This December (2010) we did try Seroquel but that was short-lived. It never seemed to make any difference to his behavior although his depression lifted, which was the goal. He took it for 8 weeks. We decided to stop the medication when he was through that rough patch and as yet see no need to try something new. We didn’t see any other positive or really negative results from this medication. He started on 25 mg went up to 50 mg (got twitchy) went back to 25 mg and we took him off 2 weeks later.

I am interested in other people’s thoughts and trials with medication as it may be helpful in some cases to use pharma to treat some of the symptoms these children experience. I would happily take each comment and catogorize into a grouping that would be easy to read for other people who are considering medication.

To me what is important when considering medications are the following: What results can I expect? What should I watch out for? What dosage was right for your child? Did you add more than one medication? But that’s just me, please add anything via the comments section that you think might be assistance to someone else looking at medication.

Interesting to note he does take Dallergy quite regularly, we have noticed that sometimes when he is having hyperactivity problems and the pollen or mold or grass is high, if we give him Dallergy he will calm down. His doctor and I discussed this and his doc thinks that as his histamine goes down it helps regulate behavior. It doesn’t have the best side-effects in the world either so we try not to overuse it but it certainly seems to help in more ways than just what it is prescribed for.

Nystatin (available on prescription, not a supplement but the tablet form is used for yeast/candida overgrowth the liquid form used to have lots of sugar in it so we decided that was counterproductive for us in regards to trying to remove excess yeast.)

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