2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing

Cupcakes and Vodka

Ok this is for me not the kids, but still whatever gets me through the day right?

Just kidding, amazingly my stress level and blood pressure remain close to the bottom of normal so that’s not a bad thing I suppose. The best part about this journey is how much I have learnt about myself. I have learnt that I DO understand this stuff on a technical level, I now have a vast knowledge of both medical and holistic medicine that I can share with other folks. I have also learnt that I can keep my cool under pressure and I supposedly really enjoy a challenge.

Turns out that I am a little obsessive compulsive myself, and I tend to think with my whole brain but favor my right which explains a lot for me personally. Oh and most importantly I have an exceptional sense of humor, I CAN ignore people’s crappy advice and well intentioned belittling, and the best part? I am learning to find the silver lining in every cloud.

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