2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing


A chiropractor has always been part of our regimen with all four of us in this house. We currently managed to find an excellent chiropractor who uses a holistic, homeopathic approach. When one of the kids fall over, first we check for broken bones, then we take them to the chiropractor (as long as nothing is broken of course)!

This chiropractor also practices cranial sacral manipulation and I much prefer the way she does it to the Upledger person we were seeing. My son seems to have much greater relief as well from this method over the other, only it doesn’t make him as sleepy. He enjoys the chiropractor especially if he if having little “growing pains” – whatever they are. Our son tends to have pretty intense muscle aches and joint pain, not sure why, but if he has a heavy exercise day chances are his legs will bother him. During the summer I tend to have him in the chiropractor’s office more often due to the fact that he is on the move all day long, that usually makes for long twitchy leg nights if we don’t keep up the iron supplements and the weekly chiro visits.

So for us, the chiropractor is a useful therapy. It is ongoing but as she takes our insurance we only have to give the copay, which is certainly a nice change than many of the other therapists we see.

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