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Celebrate Calm

When you land on the Celebrate Calm website one of the first things you read is this:

“We are glad you are here. Do you need a positive, step-by-step manual to defuse your explosive household, help your child succeed in school and regain control of your life?

Moms are exhausted trying to manage everyone’s emotions, often ignoring their own. Parents worry about the constant battles, troubles at school and sibling fights. Teachers want to help, but just don’t have the tools. And our kids? We hurt when their spirits are crushed and souls are wounded.”

I found myself in a position to go to an evening seminar presented by Kirk Martin and his son Casey. I thought what he was saying had a lot of merit and I ended up buying his Cd’s (shared with a friend of mine) and have actually learnt some good stuff from listening to them. It helps me understand my son’s ADD-type thought process a little better and in turn respond more appropriately for the way he thinks. If you find yourself in the position to listen to Celebrate Calm on the radio or internet enjoy. This might be a program that works for you. It isn’t the be all and end all for us by any stretch but for me it was a good start into understanding the different ways of approaching learning and behavior without crushing or alienating our son further.

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