2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing

Returning home from Lyme Laser Treatment Centers of New England

Returning home from Lyme Laser Treatment Centers of New England

Day 75

We have been home now for 5 days and I can honestly say the adjustment was slightly chaotic. We haven’t really unpacked yet but supplements still must be given on time, as per our previous schedule. It definitely has taken more than a couple of days to get back to a routine, now it’s Saturday and we finally executed our schedule perfectly. I have managed to source some of the pieces of the program that we would like to continue at home, so while we are technically finished at the clinic, we will maintain the supplements, footbaths, exercise and diet schedule for many months going forward. We, of course, brought a large bag of supplements back home with us, but they have been reduced now we are in maintenance mode.

Overall, the progress continues. Both kids are adamant they are happy they did the program, annoyed at missing summer with their friends but feeling about 70% better than they did when we left.  I am a little nervous because if we were in MA still, we would not be in maintenance for another week or two. I am praying it doesn’t set us back because we left early. Dr. Wine is confident in our recovery from here as long as we maintain the program, but I have had so many false starts during our journey, I am always just really nervous about going backward.

So week 11, now behind us, heading into week 12. Really nothing drastic to report, just more of that steady climb upwards to feeling healthier. If you ask my kids, “do you think it was worth it?” they now reply with a resounding “YES!!” which makes it so worth the sacrifices we all made to get there. They are definitely feeling better each and every day. One still has frustration and is still experiencing some obtrusive/obsessive thoughts, the other is feeling nauseous on and off, which has been an ongoing issue. We think it is related to candida and food intake. We will hope that as that resolves (Dr. Wine’s protocol addresses that), nausea starts to remit as well.

Anyway, first two days back to school went phenomenally well for both. The one with memory issues was happily surprised to find that everything stuck during the first days of classes, this was one of our greatest hopes going up for treatment. The memory issue in conjunction with poor processing has been a great source of frustration, so having both issues improve is very exciting.

So all in all, a really great week. Again, both feeling better each day, maintaining gains and happy to be back in a routine. For sure, both are ready to have some fun at the amusement park tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how they enjoy that with all their extra energy and motivation. Roll on week 12…

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  1. Lisa says:

    How are you guys doing now? I am considering starting my son to the Laser Lyme Center, who has chronic late-stage Lyme and 5 co-infections and I also believe PANDAS after much research. Would you be willing to chat with me about the program and healing you sustained from it?

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