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Pfeiffer Treatment Center will no longer be providing patient care.

2013: Please read the post in it’s entirety in addition to the comment section below for new information that has come to light since we attended the center in 2008.  The facility we went to and wrote about is no longer open.  To my knowledge we never met with Dr. Anubrolu and this doctor would need further due diligence on your part if you were to seek treatment.  Original post and comments are included below:

2013:  About William Walsh

In regards to Pfeiffer Treatment Center that we attended.  There was an announcement on the website and each patient received a personal letter and an introduction to Wyndgate Health. The message read as follows:

“In an effort to assist each family with continued care, we are pleased to also announce that Wyndgate Health, St. Paul, Minnesota, has agreed to provide care to you going forward. Wyndgate Health is staffed by Pfeiffer Treatment Center Certified practitioners, and headed by Laura McDaniel, RN and former Pfeiffer Treatment Center staff member and Pfeiffer Methodology Trainer.

The Pfeiffer Treatment Center and Wyndgate Health share the same mission, and we are confident that the transfer of Pfeiffer Treatment Center patient records to Wyndgate Health facility will help ensure continuity of care. You may contact Wyndgate Health for additional information, appointments, follow-up support, prescription refills and record transfers.”

Unfortunately, as the above states, the center we attended has been closed.  That was perhaps much of the reason we didn’t feel that we got much from our visit to the treatment center in IL. There were as previously stated, some deficiencies in the test results and we did find that a diagnosis of pyroluria was given, but once we returned home we failed to keep a connection with the clinic.

It was quite expensive to visit and my husband and I felt finances could be better spent elsewhere. In our case, the supplements did not particularly help any better than an over the counter variety and actually the compounding of multiple vitamins together seemed to not be a good combination for B.  Supplementing daily with the pills tended to make his behavior worse rather than better.  We have since found that for us, a rotating schedule works much better. While he may require a supplement such as iron daily over a 2-3 week period, we need to stop when he has reached a stable level again. This is the same for zinc, vitamin C, and especially fish oils as they give him quite serious eczema. I no longer believe that in our case a daily dose requirement is a good idea as my son seems a slow detoxer. Supplements have a tendency to build up in his system.  We do treat with methylated B12 and glutathione to help him detox, but again he does not require this as a constant. So for us that part of the treatment was good to know but not really helpful in the long term. What we did get though was some good information about his allergies/intolerance’s and ideas for further progress so it was a worthwhile trip initially. As I said before when I initially posted about the clinic ” I guess, that overall our trip, while informative and diagnostically helpful on some levels has not proven to be the silver bullet that we desired. So in all probability we will not continue to work with this clinic; however if they were closer chances are we would still be in full swing.”

****************************UPDATE **************************************

This was an additional email I received:  After repeated requests from patients and families, Dr. Anubrolu will open the Pfeiffer Medical Center on October 1, 2011.

“For those Pfeiffer patients who have not received care from Dr. Anubrolu, she is a graduate of Guntur Medical College in India and completed her Internal Medicine residency at St. Joseph Hospital – Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Anubrolu has extensive experience with nutrients and supplements and she has a strong belief in nutrition as the key element on physical and mental well being. Dr. Anubrolu, a Pfeiffer trained physician since 2009, feels blessed to be part of the healing process in her patient’s lives.
If you need to reach Dr. Anubrolu, her telephone numbers are 866-504-6076 or 630-505-0300. The Pfeiffer Medical Center address is 4575 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL 60555.”

**apparently, the name The Pfeiffer Medical Clinic lives on, the treatment center is not affiliated in any other way than by name only.  We apologize for any confusion, and the one email introducing Dr. Anubrolu is the only information I have on the clinic.  I guess at this point, my best advice would be either contact The Walsh Research Institute  or Mensah Medical  in regards to a referral or doctor who is well versed in these protocols.


24 Responses to “Pfeiffer Treatment Center will no longer be providing patient care.”

  1. Tasha Black says:

    Dr. Anubrolu is not a Pfeiffer Trained doctor. When she joined the Pfeiffer Treatment center all the ORIGINAl Pfeiffer trained doctor had left. She was reviewing lab results that did not even coorelate with the original Pfeiffer Model. Yet she continued to order laboratory tests on patients, have the test bill their insurance and receive results that were did not even relate to the Carl Pfeiffer Model. Her husband I ( business manager) encourgaged her to jump on the band wagon. Pfeiffer Treatment Center Closed Let’s open up a business Pfeiffer Medical Center. Switch and grab people will think they are at the pfeiffer treatment cente rbu tinreality$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs big time. She doesn’t even know what supplements cancel each other out. SHE IS NOT A PFEIFFER TRAINED DOCTOR. Talk with Bill Walsh founder of the ORIGINAL PFEIFFER TREATMENT CENTER www. walshinstitute.org and ask him who he recommends. SHE IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HIS LIST. PROBABLY NOT ON HIS LIST AT ALL. SHAME ON YOU DR A

  2. Sue says:

    Please check your facts about the Pfeiffer Medical Center. Dr. Anubrolu was never trained by Dr. Walsh, founder and former director of research at Health Research Institute/Pfeiffer Treatment Center. I believe she was smart to keep the Pfeiffer name as her clinic name which may cause confusion among people who know the original Pfeiffer Treatment Center or Pfeiffer Institute. The only physicians that I know of who are doing the work of Dr. Walsh and had worked at Pfeiffer when Dr. Walsh was there are Drs. Mensah and Bowman. Their website is http://www.mensahmedical.com. Their clinic is near Chicago. You can also contact Dr. Walsh to verify these facts. He is now founder of Walsh Research Institute in Naperville, IL – telephone: 630-596-5095.

    • Admin says:

      Just goes to show that you can be wrong about anything! We contacted this center via the information we had found linked to Dr. Walsh, and flew to the center to meet them, we went to the clinic in Naperville, IL for our appointment. I am not sure where the confusion is here, whether the institute we went to were ever involved with Dr. Walsh or if it was a spin-off or something else. I do know what we thought we were going for and because we were led to believe it was linked to Dr. Walsh. I know the center we attended closed down, and I also know I received an email stating they had reopened. I did as much due diligence as I thought I could, I went to the center in Naperville with the understanding and was given information consistent with what I already knew from the papers I had read. This is one of the main reasons I started this blog so that this information can be shared among parents looking for alternative treatments. We have been to so many practitioners over the years and most of them really haven’t panned out the way we hoped, baby steps here, large gains there, but nothing major, nothing definitive. Having independent referrals out there helps tremendously when trying to decide where to spend the next $5,000!!!

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  4. Kathleen says:

    I went to the Pfieffer Center before it closed and for 1200.00 was not impressed on what I got for my money. I did get the email that they were closing and all patient files were sent to Wyndgate. I took my granddaughter up there twice and really like Laura McDaniels and the cost was less then Pfieffer even with traveling that far. I just recieved a email from Wyndgate saying they were merging with Newbridge Clinic. I call Newbridge twice and my impression just from two calls was NO. So I am going to Dr. Mensah and Dr. Bowman. I hope this is a good choice, because I am really tired of changing for Alternative solutions for my granddaughters Autism. I have to say so far she is doing great and she is not the same little girl from a few years ago.

    • Admin says:

      Honestly, as leery as I was about returning to Chicago and spending more money “chasing the dream” Dr. Mensah and Dr. Bowman have proved beyond worth it. Last night I completed our 2 month progress report and was happy to document how much progress my son is making. After seeing the blood work and listening to the Mensah Webinars again and again, I know we are now back on track. Drs. Bowman and Mensah are super knowledgeable and work closely with Dr. William Walsh and gave me far more confidence than I ever got at the old clinic. I think, sadly, when we went to Chicago the first time, we showed up at the time it was coming to an end, no one really divulged that to us at the time but now with hindsight I can see what happened. I do know that Mensah have many webinar options to learn their process and philosophy and they are also holding outreach clinics around the country, they seem more than committed to what they are doing and most impressively, I have heard Dr. Mensah refer more than once to “we used to think…” I LOVE that they are willing to keep researching and sharing as they learn more and more and target in as the new studies become available. Good luck, from our perspective I am so grateful we took a leap of faith and went back.

      • Jayne Sheets says:

        Thank you for the information! I met Dr Walsh in the 1980’s and heard his lectures. I was searching for answers for my 2 year olds severe asthma and near death experience while in the emergency room. I am a special education teacher and allergy patient so I knew to seek solutions prior to this biochemical evaluation. We did endless allergy testing, shots, vitamins, food rotation, organics, hot water weekly cleaning of bedding, toys, etc. and air conditioning Spring through Fall. Not to mention drugs, inhalers, nebulizer, steroids….nothing worked until we went to see Dr Walsh at the Carl Pfeiffer Treatment Center. Within the first month, my son gained 12 pounds and you could no longer see his rib cage sticking out! (He was a healthy and chubby baby until about 18/20 months) He also lessens the severity of asthma attacks almost immediately. Literally right before our eyes! At his doctor appt. six months later, he had stopped having asthma attacks altogether! His pediatrician asked me what I had done and really was skeptical. He’s the one who had told me there was NO WAY my son would ever stop having attacks, not even out grow it later in life. There was the occasional wheezing a bit during Fall, but he had been asthma free from age 6 on, who would have believed it??!
        We have had other issues in the family that CPTC helped along the way. Interestingly enough, when my son was in high school (he had a hard time swallowing pills) I became concerned that his dark circles, paleness and slight asthma cough appeared. Apparently for the past month he had been storing his pills in a bag rather than swallowed them! We had him choose to swallow one at a time or sprinkle some on applesauce. Within a couple of weeks he looked great! Amazing medical facility! I have nothing but thanks and admiration for the hard work that went on at Pfeiffer over the years, such a quality staff. Needless to say, I recommended Dr Walsh and the Pfeiffer Treatment Center to many, many friends, family and especially parents of students I have had. Results speak for themselves.

        • Admin says:

          I think the staff you mention now no longer work at the center, sadly they had gone before we even got there and that was many years ago. We did have the pleasure of connecting many years later with Dr. Mensah at his office “Mensah Medical” and the difference was night and day. I 100% agree, the doctors at Mensah Medical are entirely different to the medical personnel that we saw at the Pfeiffer treatment center. I have tried and tried to clarify the differences along the way but that involves people actually paying attention to what I am writing.

          MENSAH MEDICAL, DR. William Walsh – exceptional practitioners. NOT who I am referring to in any way as they were NOT OUR DOCTORS at that time or the time we went to the Pfeiffer Treatment Center.

          The doctors, or actually nurses I saw at the Pfeiffer Treatment Center…. was not a facility I personally would return to. THAT was years ago. Things change. People change. Staff turnover. I hope this makes more sense.

  5. BLR says:

    Regarding previous comments about Dr. Anubrolu not being Pfeiffer trained. It is INCORRECT! She was trained in the Pfeiffer methods and is very familiar with the protocols and the way programs for patients are written. With the encouragement of the board of HRI/PTC and patients, she reopened the clinic as Pfeiffer Medical Center. She continues to see patients and design customized programs. Her number is 630-505-0300. She lowered the costs and allows patients to get the labs done covered by their insurance. She is very caring and concerned with her patients. Research continues and she is doing gene mutation testing which is helping even more patients.

    • Admin says:

      Again, I can only post other’s comments and my own experience. Thank you for adding your comment, this blog is all about allowing people to make informed choices using someone else’s opinion, it’s nice to have BOTH sides represented in any discussion. I appreciate you commenting. As always, people must choose by using good research and talking to both practitioners and other participants. Just because one person has a good or bad experience, does not mean that everyone will have the same experience. Thank you again.

  6. AFA says:

    I happened to come across this blog post and was very surprised to see the hostility directed toward Dr. Anubrolu. My son is a long-time Pfieffer patient who started there when he was 12 and is now almost 22. He was seen by Dr. Bowman while she was still at the “old” Pfeiffer Center, and then by Dr. Anubrolu also at the “old” Pfeiffer Center. When the “old” Pfeiffer Center was shut down, I wasn’t surprised given the poor state of the economy and the cost of treatment. They had been in a fairly large building with quite a few support staff, and it costs a lot to maintain a facility like that. After a period of time Dr. Anubrolu reopened in a much smaller facility (with the Pfeiffer Pharmacy right next door) and all the “old” Pfieffer patient records that had been sent to Wyndgate in Minnesota were returned to her. It doesn’t cost as much for a patient visit now as it used to at the old facility… My son continues to see Dr. Anubrolu for the sake of continuity and I’ve been pleased with that decision. My daughter also started seeing Dr. Anubrolu after the new facility was opened, and I’ve been happy with her progress as well. But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Bowman at Mensah Medical. Dr. Bowman and Dr. Anubrolu are both wonderful, and equally well trained in the “old” Pfeiffer treatment protocol.

    • Admin says:

      And again, one person’s experience is different to the next, which is why this discussion is so important. I cannot stress enough (again) that the original post was in regards to our treatment that was undertaken at the old center as again, I have discussed in previous posts and as such I have no direct knowledge of the new center, but it is good for new and prospective patients to hear the pros and cons for each location. The spawn of these comments began as I simply offered the new address for those who wished to undertake treatment via this new location. Thank you for commenting.

  7. AFA says:

    I’d also like to say a lot of the animosity toward Dr. Anubrolu is I believe driven by politics rather than any direct knowledge of her skills or lack thereof. My understanding is that Dr. Walsh was forced out of the Pfeiffer Center by the Board of Directors, and Dr. Bowman left in protest. I wasn’t happy about it either and don’t know WHY Dr. Walsh was forced out, but my assessment of Dr. Anubrolu is based on a number of years experience with her.

  8. Laurel says:

    I send my heartfelt thanks to you god starting this blog and for those who have found their way to it and posted. I am very ill with autoimmune, chronic fatigue, pyroluria. I live in CO and am too sick to travel. I was given the name of the Pfeiffer Institute from someone who knew of it decades ago. I began to see discrepancies on what is said on their website and what I am being told over the phone. I need to find someone who will work with me long distance and help devise a treatment plan that I can tolerate. I got very sick from the pyroluria protocol I had been given. I live on a pittance (disability) so an understanding practitioner would be a godsend. As an RN I can open accounts with most of the nutritional supplementation companies. If any folks are paying full retail, I would be happy to help in any way I can to provide significant discounts. We need to help one another; that’s one of the silver linings! Laurel

    • Admin says:

      Hi Laurel, glad you found us. Chronic fatigue is such a misunderstood illness in my humble opinion. Hopefully you can find some relief somewhere. We currently are working with Mensah Medical in Chicago who do follow the William Walsh protocol. We also are working from B’s methylation process and some other problems. I always feel we are chasing our tails! However, we have been diligent and followed the protocol now for 6 months on June 23. I need to go back to Chicago to meet with his docs for new blood work and such, always the cost factor though is a big hurdle. Mensah offers many webinars and information on their website that may help you but they also offer outreach clinics, I know for sure they have one in AZ which maybe more do-able for you? There are also many facebook groups set up for these protocols and some of the people on those are amazing and totally happy to share their research and information with newbies and I know would welcome someone who could help find cheaper supplement sources. You are right, helping each other is the key, certainly without some of the information I have gotten from these groups, we would be having a much harder time changing up treatment when we need to. Sadly, we find more and more practitioners will not work with insurance and that makes it hard for us folks who are trying to work different problems on limited funds. I would strongly recommend you type in facebook what you are suffering with and those groups will pop up. Good luck to you and thank you for commenting.

      • DJ says:

        Thanks for the insightful post. Stumbled upon your blog while doing some research on the Pfeiffer Treatment Center and was curious if your husband continued treatment with Dr. Mensah and saw positive results?

        I’m trying to gather as much information as possible to see which option (new current Pfeiffer center or Mensah Medical) to consider.

        Thanks for the info!

    • Laura says:

      Laurel…I know it’s been a year already since your post, but am simply hoping you may see this!
      My son, now 18, has been diagnosed with Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder and ADD (the ADD we about years ago. I would SO APPRECIATE you telling me WHO you were given care by at the Pfeiffer Medical Center as I have been considering this option out of desperation even though it’s long distance.
      You mentioned you got WORSE can you give me any details about this. And YES, I would so like to connect with you regarding any discounts on natural supplements for my son as I am a single mom on a VERY limited budget at this point (have spent literally thousands now on natural protocols that just haven’t panned out, yet still prefer this type of treatment to the perscription meds and their bad side effects. ANY info you might provide me would be so very appreciated. My email address is:LMT8USA@YAHOO.COM Thanks and have a nice night!

  9. Unless you are aware and careful, there is a little bit of methanol in your food supply, and Woodrow C. Monte makes a good case that continual low-level exposure relates to many types of modern ailments including autism and imbalances. His web page uses the same name as his 2011 book, WhileScienceSleeps.com, and at InadvertentMethanol.info I wrote a summary that tries to make his model more graphic and easier to understand.

  10. Annie O says:

    Everytime my sister came back she was worse than when she came. But dots have been connected Pfeiffer is busted as an MK Ultra asset and all you poor folks are just subjects of an Op Paperclip , Mengela-style, medical experiment in mind control

    • Admin says:

      I am not super sure what that OP Paperclip means, but I am sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she is okay now.


    • Sanjukta Gayen says:

      Hello Dr. Beveren – My son was a patient at Pfeiffer Medical center in 2006 and 2007. I was planning to take him to there again. But will prefer local doctor. What is your exact office address? 518 IN SKILLMAN, NJ. Which township?

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