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New England Day 61

New England Day 61, Lyme Laser Treatment

I am updating a little faster than is typical for my crazy hectic schedule simply because we finally have good things to report. Yesterday, on day 60 –  B told me, “I am so happy with how much progress I have made since I have been here, I can’t tell you why I feel better, I just remember that this is not how I used to feel!” Add to that, his long term memory is coming back, sleep is coming easily and I think we may have finally started the shift we have been hoping and praying for or at least we are heading in the right direction. Additionally, the other one is consistently waking up without the trademark black eye circles (typically an allergen but to what we have never been able to pinpoint), and we seem to have the hypoglycemic rages under control. We really enjoyed a full day yesterday of shopping and she complained of zero foot pain. Those feet have hurt all the time for a very long time and typically, after an hour or so, she will be so exhausted she will want to go home. Not so yesterday. We have slowly been increasing her stamina by walking around the campground three times a day so perhaps that is helping build tolerance but overall it was really a good day yesterday, at least on those levels.

Anyway, another full day of shopping, school looms and every single thing must be new for their return. I am so happy New Hampshire is super close and tax free every day 😉 wish us luck on our quest to complete that shopping list. Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Brenda Allen says:

    Oh how wonderful to read this, at last some progress to report. So thrilled for you all and so happy that some of the symptoms are going away. Congratulations to you all and I can only imagine how hard it’s been,

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