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Heather Forbes begins a 5-Week ONLINE Course to go with her new book.  I am part way through the book and can see how this is valuable information for both myself and B…. I am always open to learning new ways to help him go forwards, this book is another in her series of how to make life manageable for kids with trauma histories.

Wednesdays: January 16 – February 13, 2013

Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW beginning Wednesday evening,  January 16, 2013, for the 5-week ONLINE “Beyond Consequences Classroom” course. (Listen to the Test Drive here for more information on this course!)

Based off of Heather’s new book, Help for Billy, this course will guide both parents and educators on how to create a learning environment for children with trauma histories or any child exhibiting negative and difficult behaviors.

This course will focus on the following school issues:

How to Smooth School-Related Transitions

How to Reduce Homework Battles

What Yelling Does to a Child’s Nervous System

How to Create an IEP That Helps a Child Regulate

What it Takes to Build the Parent/Teacher Relationship

What Being Flexible Means Rather Than Being Rigid

How to Awaken a Child’s Internal Sense of Motivation

Why Reactive Responses Create More Negativity

How to Break the Negative Cycle in the Classroom

How to Support Teachers Effectively

How to Make the Playground a Positive Experience

What is Driving a Child’s Negative Behaviors

How to Create the Beyond Consequences Classroom

Why to Replace Time-Outs with Time-Ins

Why External Controls Are Ineffective

How to Engage a Resistant Child in Relationship

Why Emotional Safety Increases Academic Success

How to Close the Gap in Social Skills Deficits

What Awakens a Child’s Internal Control System

How to Create Emotional Safety in the Classroom

How Teachers Can De-Escalate Behaviors Immediately

How to Effectively Replace Punishment with the Relationship

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