2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing

Day 43

Day 43 and we are still here. So we have just passed day 43 of what is technically an 84-day program. Sadly, we will be leaving around day 70-ish because school is back in session on August 17th. The students are returning earlier than usual because of something to do with the 2017 Solar eclipse. To be honest, when school is in session I can barely keep up with paying bills, getting them both to school, managing my own work, their schedules and getting the assigned homework done and handed in. There just never seems to be any time left for anything, so I didn’t really read about what the school board was voting on although I know I really should pay better attention. All I know is this, my kids have to (want to) be back home, all waxed and shiny the night of the 16th so they can begin school with their friends the next morning. Anyway, as is my habit, I digressed… Progress So Far… Well, what have we to report after 6 weeks of treatment? First and foremost we have managed to sustain the keto-type diet we have to follow for the duration of our time here and beyond (no sugar, soy, wheat, gluten, carbs or anything remotely artificial. No “added” nitrates, no fillers). Truthfully, no one is more shocked than I that both my children have complied. Note I didn’t say willingly, I simply said: “complied”.  As a result of eating this way, we have all dropped about 10 pounds each and now walk around happily hiking up our pants while lamenting about the days we used to enjoy a good strawberry donut from the Peach Stand. Maddening because outside our campground home there is a drive through for Dunkin Donuts. This location taunts us every time we leave, but resist we must and we do. As far as diet goes we generally stick to meat, fish (occasionally lobster), veggies and now finally after day 36, they are allowed very limited access to fruit. The only downside for me is that now my days begin with a frying pan in one hand and breakfast supplies in the other. I traipse outside in my PJs and light our small camping stove. I imagine this is how the pioneers felt minus, of course, the refrigerator, propane stove, air conditioning, fans, fresh eggs, indoor plumbing…. well you get the picture. I do have to wash the pots by hand so that counts as a hardship – right? Anyway, every...

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