2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing

Mensah Medical

My new hero’s.  After strongly debating whether to make another trip to Chicago after our last hideous adventure (I must stress NOT to Mensah Medical – which can be read on this site), Dr. Mensah assured us, that not only was he sure he could assist us but was pretty adamant he could.  So after much heated debate and discussion and with trepidation in our hearts (and it has to be said, barely any money left on our credit card) off we trekked to Chicago. The trip was truly amazing, for fun we took an extra day or 2 and did the sights, sounds and touristy parts of Chicago.  Wow, what an amazing city.  We went to Navy Pier and the aquarium and just wandered around as tourists do.   The hotel had a fabulous sky-high swimming pool, which made the kid’s week. Anyway, long story very very short, (I promise more to follow), after we came home, we did a bunch more blood and hair testing and had our results in about 6 weeks.  Last week we started our new supplement protocol.  B was happy as it has reduced his supplement load by half, all the Mensah suggestions are compounded which makes life so much easier (and cheaper).  So far, B is doing amazing, he had made so many improvements on the multiple supplements we had him on but this seems to have gone a little further faster.  I have taken a 1000 pictures in the last 2 weeks because he won’t stop smiling. The anxiety is still evident, very much so, but he is getting along with his sister, he is being congenial to his grandparents, just all round being cooperative, funny and a pretty typical 10-year-old.  Christmas is a tough time for him, he tends to look back not forwards and his heart breaks for his birth family, the holidays compound those insecurities and feelings and often all that we get accomplished during those times is – well – nothing, this year no regression.  Sadness yes, but no regressions. For now that will have to suffice.  I will be back to post his protocol and results but in the meantime know that for now we are stable and actually better than that, we are happy.  Life is good, things are still there needing to be resolved but this has taken the stress off for right now. If you would like to know more about Mensah Medical or to see the seminars/webinars they have going on all...

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