2 PANS kids fighting lyme and coinfections, our journey to healing

Where are we now? From 6-9… has much really changed?

Never mind “a beautiful mind” more of a messy, cluttered, disorganized, freaked out mind for us.  We are not solving complex math problems over here nor creating computer programs, building scientific multipurpose apps or solving world hunger.  Nope, not got any sense of motivation for that – honestly we are barely making it through the minimum requirements for school each day.  The only thing that grabs any attention or motivation around here is video games. ob·ses·sion əbˈseSHən/Submit noun 1.  The state of being obsessed with someone or something. “she cared for him with a devotion bordering on obsession” The latest obsessions, and I mean that in the true sense of the word as above, are both Minecraft and Disney Infinity. Not necessarily in that order.  If dad or his sister are home then the choice is likely to be Minecraft, but if it’s just himself then he will be drawn to playing Infinity. His mental needs currently seem to be satisfied with simply reading about, watching YouTube about, or creating and crafting in MineCraft and/or traversing the streets of Monsters University as a Mike or Sully.  As far as mood stability goes, he is still a rolling cycle of anger, depression, frustration,  goofy and back to depression, to suicidal, to happy/goofy to… well you get the picture.  Currently, and it’s easy to see how, we have the latest working diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder (although, to me there are several flaws to this particular diagnosis for him) and we have the comorbid ADHD complex type thrown in, which may explain some of the discrepancies in “symptoms.”  To be fair, I recently saw this picture on the Parents of Bipolar Children (& comorbid diagnoses) facebook page, and it certainly seems like what we are dealing with EXCEPT, he has these  amazing moments of clarity.  In fact he has long, long, long periods of seemingly normal typical behaviors.  It’s only under times of stress that these moments turn into the “symptoms” listed above (although I stress again, he has only a few of each of these symptoms in the respective circles).  Thankfully we have none of the hypersexual behaviors, rapid pressured speech or risk-taking behavior, actually we don’t even really have the aggression/rages any longer.  The only things now that elicit that level of tantrum/aggressive type behavior is either a: putting him in  stressful situation (doctor’s office, therapist, school, event such as a birthday party or a social skills group) or b: speaking to other people about his feelings surrounding his adoption.  These...

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